Thursday, December 18, 2008

Figure Drawing

This is a figure drawing of Ashley from Life Drawing 2 in his relaxed pose. Although, he looks relax his body is still in great motion of tensity and concentration. As shown in his tucked in foot and the tension from his clench hand. I believe this is my best piece out of all the other pieces that I worked on. I said this is my best piece because I believed I understood the use of lines, plains and volume to create a believable and naturalistic figure form. The convex contour lines that I use on this piece was to show the skin bulging, which gives more volume to the form. I like to blend my shaded lines to show volume and then go back to the shaded areas and add contour lines over the shaded area to show directions of the plain change. Also, I wanted to show depth and space around the figure. I executed this method by addressing more aggressive or darker lines in the foreground and more softer and lighter lines in the background. Addition to that I showed more details to the foreground and show last detail to the background as it go further in space. Another important element to this figure was light. I tried to show light, when casted onto the figure it would give a more contrast and a more dramatic feel to the figure. Lastly, I chose this composition for this piece because I wanted to draw a focus onto the figure going back to space. I believe it would make it for the eyes to rest on.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008


30 minute observation:

This piece reminds me of my wood sculpture (Post).
I like that cast of that is being done here. It relates to life drawing 2 addressing the female humanists and the beauty of its necessity. The necklace that is on the sculpture appeals very feminine, although it becomes almost abstract.

I like the fact that this piece is displayed on a pedestal because it becomes iconic and worth value. The necklace and the items laying next to the female cast shows a great deal of belongings and necessities correlating to modern girls now a day. "Girls value their jewelry or items as their best friends.

I Believe that this piece is promoting or is advertising merchandise for sales. But overall, I like the simplicity and this few items that is displaying, it's visually appealing for the viewers or the buyers.

Vertebrate and Rib Drawing

Bone Drawing | Assignment 1

The approach to this assignment was
to draw the connection contact between the vertebrate and the rib.
Using the techniques learned from life drawing 1, I apply the use of lines to show planes that creates a 3D form of the objects. Using different line strokes I was able to show what details is closes to me and what is furthest from me. Sometimes I like to use cross-hatching to enhance and to articulate forms through defining planes.

Classical Drawing Atellier

"A great book that I recommended for students"
I came across this book "Classical Drawing Atellier" and I was amazed at the techniques and much details that the author explained. When I was a kid I have always wanted to get my hands on a book like this. It teaches students the techniques and skills that old masters uses to create realistic figures in much 3d form. Not only that the books talk about the techniques and skills but it shows you step by step to create better curvature lines, planes and value to show more realistic forms. Also, the books shows you how to use lines and planes to measure with accuracy when looking at a figure so that your finish work shows proportion. But most importantly, this book speaks about merging the techniques and skills learned to create master artwork. If you are someone who wants to improve your understanding of lines, planes, measurments, values and to combine the techniques to create a priceless artwork this book is for you. Lastly, this book shows astonishing artworks from the old masters of the renaissances era and current students.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beginning Of A Secret Journey

Title: "The Beginning Of A Secret Journey"
Media: Acrylic Paint on Wood Panel


This was a project done in Painting 1. It is a narrative painting that base on the Hmong Refugees. This painting shows some symbolisms that talks about the secret journey. I gave the title "The Beginning of A Secret Journey" because the Hmong people are rarely heard off. To this day a lot of the people in the US still don't recall what or who the Hmong people are. I believe this is my favorite piece out of all the projects that I had worked on. I most like about this piece are the colors and the symbolism that it conveys. I enjoyed working on this piece because I was able to communicate and express about myself and my people.