Thursday, December 18, 2008

Figure Drawing

This is a figure drawing of Ashley from Life Drawing 2 in his relaxed pose. Although, he looks relax his body is still in great motion of tensity and concentration. As shown in his tucked in foot and the tension from his clench hand. I believe this is my best piece out of all the other pieces that I worked on. I said this is my best piece because I believed I understood the use of lines, plains and volume to create a believable and naturalistic figure form. The convex contour lines that I use on this piece was to show the skin bulging, which gives more volume to the form. I like to blend my shaded lines to show volume and then go back to the shaded areas and add contour lines over the shaded area to show directions of the plain change. Also, I wanted to show depth and space around the figure. I executed this method by addressing more aggressive or darker lines in the foreground and more softer and lighter lines in the background. Addition to that I showed more details to the foreground and show last detail to the background as it go further in space. Another important element to this figure was light. I tried to show light, when casted onto the figure it would give a more contrast and a more dramatic feel to the figure. Lastly, I chose this composition for this piece because I wanted to draw a focus onto the figure going back to space. I believe it would make it for the eyes to rest on.

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Alex said...

Dude, that final drawing of Ashley is insane. Props for that man, GJ.